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The Overseas Chinese Students Association of CJCU is composed of students from Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, South Africa and South Korea........ The purpose is to provide overseas Chinese students with life, information, academic and other services, to reflect the overseas Chinese student's learning situation in school and implement the overseas Chinese students' counseling work, to strive for the rights of members, also  strengthen the mutual affection and international cultural exchange through the assembly activities.




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2019-03-08      第四屆會員大會

                          4thGeneral Assembly


2019-03-15     107年度境外生圍爐聚餐                         

                         LUNAR NEW YEAR's surrounding of stove


2019-04            國際日

                         International Day


2019-05-18      境外生運動會 

                         Oversea Student's Athletics Meet


2019-05-25      畢業生歡送會   

                         Guaduate Farewell Party




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2019-01-05  圍爐活動場地事宜
2019-01-04  107年度聖誕活動「愛@聖誕」完滿結束
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