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College of Management

        College of Management aims to cultivate professional managerial talent with creative thinking, business ethics, global vision and devotion to service. We provide bachelor, master and Ph.D. degree programs. With diverse departments and a graduate institute, outstanding faculty, complete facilities, we have an environment suitable for teaching, research and learning. We maintain close contact with enterprise and industry to ensure student’s smooth career development. We also spare no effort to broaden the horizons of faculty and students, and strengthen relationships with institutions outside the school so as to cultivate useful contacts and talents. 

        The College of Management aims to  equip students with professional knowledge and creative thinking skills as well as to nurture them to become morally aware, socially responsible and globally connected.

        The College of Management aspires to be recognized as a prominent school which fosters talents in management with professional knowledge, innovative thinking, business ethics and devotion to service.


        The College of Management currently has a Ph.D. Program in Business and Operations Management, Master Program in Business and Operations Management, Executive Master of Business Administration Program, International Master Program on Comprehensive Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Department of Business Administration, Department of International Business, Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Department of Aviation and Maritime Management (with Master program), Department of Land Management and Development (with Master program[Full-time & Part-time]), Department of Finance, Department of Tourism, Food & Beverage Management,  Department of Innovation Application and Management, Bachelor Degree Program of Real Estate Finance, Bachelor Program of International MICE Management, Bachelor Program of International Finance and Business Management. The faculty members of the College account for approximately 97 and the students about 3,252 at CJCU. In a nutshell, the College of Management has a comprehensive combination of departments and graduate programs and possesses excellent faculty of various research interests and advanced equipments/facilities offering both faculty and students a high quality environment for teaching, learning, and research.



        We will continuously develop new teaching materials, and constantly improve in pedagogy to achieve teaching excellence. We will team up with industry to expand students’ learning, and strengthen the scholarly research of our faculty, leading our students toward the internationalized world of the future.