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The Department of EMAT at CJCU, established in 2002, is one of Southern Taiwan’s most professional institutes integrating teaching and research in the areas of electronic & computer engineering (ECE) and technology management. To promote personal and professional success, the department offers an undergraduate program, combining an education in ECE with the essentials of technology management, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science. This addresses industry's need for engineers with strong additional background in management. The EMAT degree course is well suited to individuals who want a broad exposure to electronic & computer technologies combined with marketing, project management, quality management and team working.


This integrated program has the following advantages:

1. Opportunity for students to explore both their engineering and management potential.

2. More rapid progression to senior management positions in their future careers.



  • The first year is an introduction to the fundamental subjects and university life in general. It comprises lectures in Calculus, Physics, Programming Language, Electric Circuits, Logic Design, Business and Economics.
  • In the second year, the basic concept will be focused to improve your understanding of ECE in the Department of EMAT. This is achieved through courses in Electronics, Engineering Mathematics, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, and Electromagnetics. Your design skills will be developed through a variety of laboratory-based courses. At the same time, you will take courses in General and Human Resource Management.
  • To build a core capability in ECE, engineering teaching covers in the third year is with courses in Signals and Systems, Communication Systems, Control Systems, and Digital System Design, and laboratory-based practice. Meanwhile, you will take management courses in Total Quality Management and Marketing. Moreover, you will be able to choose courses from a range of special topics, with the flexibility to maintain a broad base or focus on specific technologies. Your team project placement interviews will take place during the year.
  • In the fourth year, you are able to choose courses from a specific topic to enhance your understanding of engineering and management. Your team project forms a major part of the final year. Working in an area of your choosing, you will develop design, analysis, construction and fault-finding skills. Many of these projects support research or development work carried out in cooperation with industry.






There are ten laboratories for teaching and research in the Department of EMAT.

  • Joint Electronic Design Automation/System on a Programmable Chip Lab.
  • Electronics and Circuits Lab.
  • Silicon Intellectual Property Lab.
  • Multimedia Streaming Lab.
  • Computer and Communication Lab.
  • 3C Integration Design and Engineering Application Lab.
  • Technology Management Lab.
  • VLSI design Lab.
  • Student Project Room I
  • Student Project Room II

To fulfill our educational goals, the department also provides a meeting room, group study rooms, and teaching assistants to assist student’s learning.


Career opportunities


With a distinguished faculty and an innovative curriculum, we offer high quality engineering education with engineering management to students enrolled in this department. Interested students are welcome to enquire at the Department of EMAT. We look forward to seeing you soon, and will welcome the chance to promote your growth and career development.