Letter of Invitation


Warm greetings from Chang Jung Christian University!


As our university approaches its twentieth anniversary, we would like to express our deep gratitude to our partner schools.  Thank you for your help in expanding the global vision of our faculty and students and increasing opportunities for international exchange of various kinds.  We hope that our partnerships continue to grow in substance in the future, with increased benefits for all involved.


We are taking the occasion of our anniversary celebration to invite the presidents of our partner institutions to an international conference on the theme, “Mission of Higher Education in a Global Era: Student and Faculty Mobility, Distance Learning, and Research Cooperation.”  The purpose of the conference, to be held November 14-16, 2013, is to strengthen relationships, to exchange insights concerning international cooperation, and to conceptualize new forms of cooperation.  As we prepare our students for responsible citizenship and leadership in an era of staggering global change, we recognize the need for a long-term vision that goes beyond our own borders.  We anticipate that the conference will be a time of refreshment and inspiration for all who attend, and we sincerely hope that we will have the honor of your presence at this event. 


Please refer to the schedule of events for the content of the conference.  Accommodations will be provided by our university in Tainan.  We welcome presidents’ spouses to this event, and we also extend our invitation to one additional representative from each partner school.



Best regards,




Yung-Lung Lee, Ph.D.


Chang Jung Christian University


2013-10-25  Reminder in October
2013-10-10  Reminder in September