logo 境外學生醫療保險Overseas Student Medical Insurance

    【境外學生醫療保險】【Overseas Student Medical Insurance】



    All overseas students, both degree students and exchange students, should arrange for at least 6 months of health insurance before their enrollment. Proof of health insurance is a prerequisite for enrollment. 

    If you are failing to provide the documents, you must be required to join the Overseas Student Medical Insurance. This insurance is provided by Cathay Life Insurance Company. The fee for 6 months is NTD3,000.





    1.    請到有加入健保的醫院或診所就醫。

    2.    申請診斷證明書,並且保留所有收據

    3.    備齊理賠所需文件,繳交給國際處。



    ●所有收據正本   ●診斷證明書正本
    ●存摺影本         ●居留證影本        ●理賠申請書



    Claims information

    Claims regulations are according to the contract of the insurance.

    1. Please go to hospitals or clinics which join with National Health Insurance.
    2. Apply a medical certificate and keep all receipts.
    3. Hand in all required documents for applying claims to OIA.


    Required documents

    ●all original receipts       ●medical certificate
    ●a copy of bank or post office account book
    ●a copy of ARC                ●Claims applying form

    ※ The money will transfer to your account by the Insurance company.

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