about_us 長榮大學社會工作系 Department of Social Work


The Department of Social Work,  was established in 1998, and has arguably evolved into one of the most professional in Southern Taiwan. The master program started in 2004. Based on the Christian philosophy of serving the world and loving all people, the department is dedicated to the preparation of students for a rewarding profession in which they have the privilege of working with diverse individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations to assist in achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, and promoting social justice. Through our Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) Program with its themes of diversity and knowledge development, and our Master in Social Work (MSW) Program which concentrates on clinical practice and organizational and community leadership, the department of Social Work pursues CJCU's goals of advancing knowledge and transforming lives. The Department prepares entry-level and advanced generalist Social Workers within the region with advanced practical knowledge and skills to enable them to:
act on social justice at every level of society ;
promote respect, awareness, and appreciation for cultural diversity;
empower vulnerable, disadvantaged, and long- underserved populations;
and commit to human rights advocacy.