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The“Nec Tamen Consumebatur”Sculpture – Written by Chen Hui Yi

“Nec Tamen Consumebatur” (Latin): is the common motto of Reformed and Presbyterian churches all over the world. From Exodus chapter three from the Old Testament, Moses heeded the Lord’s calling to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and witnessed a strange phenomenon. A bush was on fire, but it was not consumed by the flames. The burning bush symbolizes the children of God who, although go through suffering and testing, possess God’s guidance and blessings and thus radiate His glory.
This means that as long as God’s promises it, it will be achieved. Even the most insignificant bush can present miracles. Moses said that one should not consider themselves incapable of something; it is not an excuse. This also means to inspire others by making an example of one self.

This sculpture piece was designed by an Aboriginal elder: “Vuluk”. It is mainly comprised of glass, weighting up to 700 Kg. Ten pieces of glass can be found inside and outside of it. It represents perfection.
The base is octagonal is shape; representing the eight gospels, denoting perfect blessing. Another unique thing is that from any angle, all sides appear the same. During good weather, the sun pours down from the patio, causing the statue to gleam and appear more vivid. If you photograph it, the edges of the statue may appear to be burning like real fire.