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The Exhibition Room in Honor of Emeritus Chair Professor Dr. Chuang Wan-Shou – Written by Huang Li Chun

Born in Lu Kang in 1939, Professor Chuang Wan-Shou once served as the professor at the Department of Chinese of National Taiwan Normal University; the Director of the Humanities and Education Research Center; founder and professor of the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, Foreign Appointed Professor; Faculty of Letters at the University of Kyoto; Japan, Visiting Professor at the Keimyung University, South Korea; researcher at the University of Tokyo; newspaper chief editor; and President of the Taiwan Association of University Professors. After retiring from the National Taiwan Normal University in 2004, Professor Chuang founded the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies at Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) and is currently Emeritus Chair Professor. He has written about ten books as well as dozens of unpublished research papers on “Chuang Zi Legacies.” He is also the editor of numerous books about the cultural history of Taiwan including the “Taiwan Culture Encyclopedia.”
In 2012, he donated many of his precious possessions to CJCU including more than 8000 books and 276 items of cultural relics. A set of “The Punctuate Complete Book of Hundred Scholars” from the Shanghai Sao Ye Shan Fang bookstore issued in 1922 was included among these books. Notable cultural relics include a photocopy of real estate deeds from 1794 (49th year of Qianlong Emperor’s reign), a tin altar incense pot, circa 1840, Qing Dynasty chinaware, a German made sewing machine used by his mother from 1920; another sewing machine purchased by Madam Chuang when she married to Professor Chuang in 1968; and Professor Chuang’s flags, hats, headpiece when he participated in the Democratic Progressive Party’s activities. All those can be found by searching the catalogue in the showroom. If sorted by dates, the cultural relics dated from 1794 to 2012 total 276 items. If searched by category, they are listed as DVDs, banners, handkerchiefs, cards, appliances, identification bands, nameplates, deeds, flags, souvenirs, furniture, flags, badges, and key chains.



莊萬壽教授1939年生於鹿港,曾任國立台灣師範大學國文系教授,及人文教育研究中心主任、台灣文化及語言文學研究所創所所長暨教授、日本京都大學文學部外國人招聘教授、韓國啟明大學客座教授、日本東京大學研究員、報社主筆、台灣教授協會會長。2004 年師大退休後,籌設長榮大學台灣研究所,現任長榮大學名譽講座教授。著有《莊子學述》等十餘種及未發表刊印論文數十篇,主編包括《台灣文化事典》在內的台灣歷史文化書籍多種。於2012年贈送給長榮大學他的珍藏包括圖書約8000冊及文物276件。藏書中有一套民國十一年上海掃葉山房”圈點百子全書”。文物中有乾隆49年(1794)房地契影印本、1840年的祖傳神案錫香爐、清朝的碗盤、母親使用的1920年德國製裁縫機及1968年莊夫人購買的嫁妝裁縫機及莊教授參加民進黨活動的旗子、帽子、頭巾等文物。於陳列室中有目錄可查詢。依日期排序,文物從1794年至2012年共276件。若依類別則分為DVD、大旗、手帕、卡片、用具、示別帶、名牌、地契、有柄旗子、紀念品、家具、無柄旗子、徽章、鑰匙圈等。