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The David Landsborough Memorial Library – Written by Su Yu Ting

Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) is a Christian university, and Doctor David Landsborough was founder and head of the Chuanghua Christian Hospital. In 1928, “skin-graft with love,” the selfless act of caring for others of Doctor Landsborough, became a shining example in the medical circle. This is also the essence of Christianity. The CJCU Library was thus named as the “David Landsborough Memorial Library” in honor of his great deeds.

The David Landsborough Memorial Library officially began its use on November 5th, 2008, spanning over 18,500 square meters. The six story building, with one story below ground, houses 1,247 reading seats. Music listening areas, discussion rooms, study carrels, group audio-visual rooms, digital study areas, information areas and MOD (Multimedia on Demand) channels are available. CJCU uses the EasyCard International Identity Card for students and faculty, making the process of borrowing books, paying fees and photocopying more straightforward. This provides more varied, convenient, comfortable and user friendly services. Professional inquiry services are available on the third and fourth floors. The sixth floor is home to books on religion, textbooks, course reserves and comics providing an exceptional education and study environment and varied library collections services.