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題名:What's the Real Value of an Airport? Comparing Economic Benefit and Environmental Cost
作者:Cherie Lu
會議名稱:the 20th Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) conference
摘要:With the growth of economic development, there is a need to understand and limit the environmental impacts that any industry might bring about. Air transport, as a highly energy-consuming transport mode, is certainly in the core of the discussion internationally when it comes to the context of sustainable development. This study measured the economic benefits and environmental costs of an airport for the time period of 10 years, using Taipei Songshan Airport for the empirical analysis, to examine whether the environmental costs could outweigh the economic benefits. The economic benefits cover income generation from both direct and indirect employment, applying the Garin-Lowry model for estimation of the employment multiplier. Aircraft noise nuisance and engine emissions are considered the main sources of environmental impacts. The hedonic price technique and the dose-response method, respectively, were used for calculating the social costs of these. The results show that, in general, airport operation brought more economic benefits than environmental costs. Specifically, the sensitivity analysis of noise and emissions social cost parameters shows that the highest possible environmental costs are lower than economic benefits for all years studied, except for 2008.
英文關鍵字:economic benefit, environmental cost, Garin-Lowry model, hedonic-price method