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題名:Coercion and Docility in Samuel Beckett’s Rough for Radio II and What Where
作者:Yeh, Tzu-Ching
會議名稱:2018 國立屏東大學英語學系學術研討會(2018 NPTU Conference on Literature, Linguistics, and English Teaching)
摘要:Drawing particularly on the works of Discipline and Punish and Power/Knowledge, this paper applies Michel Foucault’s conceptual theory of disciplinary power to investigate power relation through the exercise of explicit violence in Samuel Beckett’s Rough for Radio II and What Where. Knowledge is the aim of enforced disciplines, and relieving Fox of his animality and of restoring his memory in Rough for Radio II, or producing a confession for the subjugated characters in What Where would be the targeted production of power. Thus, I shall examine how both plays play out Foucauldian productivity to know in the employment of power. Then, I shall explore how coercion is employed to aid in its production, and how coercive devices, such as correct training, torture or interrogation, demand obedience from the subjugated body for manipulation and control. Such enforcement of docility is also at work in both Rough for Radio II and What Where, for they display prominent practices of coercion to control the body and produce docility. Therefore, I seek to discuss issues around the exercise of violence, and observe the phenomenon of coerced docility in both plays within the framework of Foucault’s theory of disciplinary power. The purpose of this paper is to explore complex relations in the tension of power by interlacing Foucault’s theory with Beckett’s work.
英文關鍵字:Rough for Radio II, What Where, Beckett, Foucault, coercion, docility