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題名:Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Improve Schemes for Wind-Loading Solar Power Stent
作者:Yung-Lan Yeh, Cheng-Lin Wu
會議名稱:IAENG International Conference on Computer Science (ICCS
摘要:The aerodynamic improvements for solar-power stent under wind loading via CFD simulation are well studied in present paper. The stent is a new integrated design and much different from past design. Under wind loading, the stent will sustain direct wind pressure and strong torque. It will cause structural damage and then economic losses. Four kinds of aerodynamic improvements on the top are proposed to reduce vortical structure due to stent structure. Results reveal proper lead-angle will make velocity difference smoother and this phenomenon depends on wind speed strongly. Present results also provide good reference for following using.
英文關鍵字:aerodynamic, solar-power stent, CFD, vortical structure