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題名:From "cane" to "sugar": Empowering Taisugar history of digital design with “Interactive Visual Storytelling”
作者:Lin, Yang-Chih
會議名稱:HCII 2019: Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population. Design for the Elderly and Technology Acceptance
發表頁數:pp 431-440
發表地點:Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort
摘要:Taisugar have developed over 300 years since 17th century in Taiwan, it has been committed even more to research and development of sugarcane varieties than to control of sugarcane pests and diseases prevention. This study aims to discover this Eco-museum by empowering sugarcane pests and diseases as a start point and convert these elements into a task-based treasure-gathering mechanism, then integrate into “Service engineering and knowledge management” within a LBS-AR (Local-Base Service Augments Reality) system. This study hopes that it can help more and more people via experiencing this LBS-AR game to learn more knowledge from sugarcane history and culture of Taisugar. Beside the biodiversity, the process from "cane" to "sugar" is rich in humanity and culture, which is a very important element in the process of digital design. The players will be deepened and improved after the game play and experience the local sugar industry. Another cultural key point is Taiwanese "Sugar Mill", whose role played in the past is similar to foundry manufacturing today. In the field, it can be explored a series of production of modernization from original "Sugar Mill", modified "Sugar Mill" to mechanized "Sugar Mill". So that, this study integrated task-level and multiple catching treasures mechanism to improve the player’s adhesion of the game.
英文關鍵字: Taisugar History, Local-Base Service Augments Reality (LBS-AR), IP (Intel-lectual Property) Character Design, Interactive Visual Storytelling, Pokémon GO