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題名:Waiting for Godot at Tainan Prison
作者:Tzu-Ching Yeh
會議名稱:2019 IFTR Annual Conference: Theatre, Performance and Urbanism
摘要:This paper offers a glimpse of how Waiting for Godot is taught as a sophomore English (as a second language) course at Tainan prison in Taiwan, and to explore how inmates perceive this play. The works of Samuel Beckett, in general, are internationally received and well acclaimed across Europe and the Northern America; however, his works confront various translating challenges or cultural differences. In Taiwan, the world renowned Waiting for Godot is rarely staged, and the production is far from faithful to the playwright’s original design. The names of the characters, the outfits, or the stage props undergo considerable alterations, and the plot and the text blend into local or regional contexts to make the Europe-centered content more accessible to, and more comprehensive for the audiences. Given the opportunity to teach at Tainan prison since the fall semester of 2018, I intend to take up an even challenging task by introducing Godot to the prisoners, whose experience of “waiting” is already excruciatingly familiar. Teaching Waiting for Godot as an English course at Tainan prison encounters two major difficulties: one with the prisoners’ language barrier for the close textual reading and analysis of the play in English, and the other with the unfamiliarity of European culture and philosophy. This paper, therefore, probes the reception of the play among prison inmates on the one hand, and investigates the gap of literary reference across two cultures, which may or may not interfere with the understanding of the play, and even undermine its value.
英文關鍵字:Waiting for Godot, Tainan prison, waiting, culture