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題名:Why hotels give to charity: Interdependent giving motives
作者:Lin, C.P., Wu, C.M.,
會議名稱:APacCHRIE & EuroCHRIE Joint Conference
發表地點:Hong Kong
摘要:Previous studies on CG assume that motives are independent, ignoring possible interactions and probably providing less accurate analysis. Therefore, this study evaluates the relative importance and the interdependence of critical motives driving hotel giving in Taiwan by analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL) techniques. The study draws three findings: (1) giving motives are highly interacted; (2) economic motive belongs to cause while effects include philanthropic and ethical motives; and (3) philanthropic motive (0.368) has highest relative importance, followed by economic (0.340) and ethical (0.292) motives. In short, hotels have a higher propensity toward moral values in CG but do not lose sight of firm financial performance. Moreover, economic outcome is the core motive. Not only does it directly influence CG; it also indirectly affects CG through the other two motives.
關鍵字:AHP & DEMATEL; 動機; 飯店捐贈; 因果關係; 相對重要性
英文關鍵字:AHP and DEMATEL; Critical motives; Hotel giving; Interdependence; Relative importance