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題名:How do female hoteliers make hotel giving decisions?
作者:C.P., Lin
會議名稱:APTA 2019 Conference
摘要:This study examines how female hoteliers make hotel giving decisions. Based on a detailed literature review and expert judgments, three critical giving motivations (economic, ethical, and philanthropic) are identified and evaluated by decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL) analysis. The results show the interdependence and influence of motivations in hotel giving (HG) and female hoteliers’ HG design-making. The causal relationship indicates that economic motivation belongs to the causal group while the effect group is comprised of ethical and philanthropic motivations. Economic motivation both directly affects HG and influences it indirectly through the other two motivations, suggesting that economic outcome is the essential motivation in female hoteliers’ HG decisions. The results also reveal that the three motivations are similar in influence on HG decision. This similarity shows that female hoteliers appear to adopt a balanced approach that integrates both value and moral objectives of a firm and its stakeholders in HG decision-making.
關鍵字:因果關係,女性經理人,捐贈動機, 飯店捐贈
英文關鍵字:Causal relationship; DEMATEL; Female hoteliers; Giving motivations; Hotel giving