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題名:On the Standardized Physical Properties of 3D Printing Materials Applying for UAV Propellers
作者:Yung-Lan Yeh, Tzung-Cheng Chen, Wen-Yi Su
會議名稱:The 2nd International Conference ​on Nanomaterials and ​Advanced Composites
摘要:Present study investigates the possibility analysis of UAV propeller made by commercial 3D printing machine. The primary experimental facility is 3D printer base on Fused Deposition Modeling method (FDM). The main methodology of this work is to construct standard test piece according to ASTM standard and use for standard test. The Polylactic Acid (PLA) and carbon composite material are main two printing materials in this work. Experimental results reveal that the strength and bending of these two materials are enough to be the propeller of middle size UAV (takeoff weight≤100 kgw), especially the carbon composite material. The max tension strength of standard test piece of carbon composite material is over than 1 kN. This study not only confirms the application possibility of UAV propeller made by 3D printing, but also carries out the real flight test to identify performance enhancement and future application. The strength study of present work can also be the good reference for future application and development of commercial 3D printing and its substrate material for other relative industry.
英文關鍵字:3D printing, ASTM, UAV, propeller