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題名:An Investigation of the Mediating Effects among the Relationship Between Authentic Leadership and Organizational Commitment of Nursing Staff in Taiwan.
作者:Shih-Hao Chen, Hui-Lin Chou, An-Hsiang Huang
會議名稱:International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM2019 Summer Conference)
摘要:This study examined nursing faculty members’ perceptions of nursing directors’ leadership and nurses' self-psychological ownership levels to understand how perceptions of leadership styles related to psychological ownership in Taiwan. According to the social identity Theory, leadership group prototypicality have an important effect in employee’s group identity, and work attitude. In this article, we explore the mechanism between authentic leadership and psychological ownership to understand how leadership group prototypicality works. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship among authentic leadership and other constructs. This study specifically focused on the hospital industry, involving a study sample of nurses from six hospitals in Southern Taiwan. A purposeful sampling method was adopted, and 342 nurses’ data were collected. This study used HLM methods to test the hypotheses. The crucial findings of this study revealed a significant association between authentic leadership and organizational commitment via psychological ownership and leader group prototypicality. Sequential mediation analysis revealed a significant association between authentic leadership and organizational commitment via mediators, psychological ownership leader group prototypicality. The tested model provides empirical evidence about the pattern of authentic leadership in health care workplace, thus confirming the important of authentic leadership and followers’ positive cognition of their organizations.
英文關鍵字:Authentic Leadership, Leader Group Prototypicality, Psychological Ownership, Organizational Commitment, Social Identity Theory (SIT)