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題名:A Pilot Test of Regional UTM in Taiwan
作者:Chin E. Lin, Chia-Sung Hsieh, Pei-Chi Shao, Chih-Ching Li, Ying-Chih Lai
會議名稱:AIAA/IEEE Digital Avionics System Conference (DASC)
發表地點: Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, San Diego, CA
摘要:A hierarchical UTM is proposed for UAS operation in Taiwan. The proposed UTM is constructed in similar concept of ATM of the manned aviation system. The airspace is divided by 400 feet of altitude, separate to RUTM (Regional UTM) managing by regional government and NUTM (National UTM) by CAA (Civil Aeronautical Administration). This pilot test tries to examine the effectiveness of UAV surveillance under 400 feet airspace with multiple UAV operations. Based on the proposed ADS-B Like communication infrastructure, the pilot test program is proposed to run the UAV surveillance in Tainan Metropolitan. A complex ADS-B Like communication is equipped on UAVs. The relay gateway is designed with three adoptable systems. In this pilot run, two LoRa Gateways and several APRS I-Gates are deployed to cover the test area. The data rates are tuned in different systems to prevent from data conflict or stream congestion. Typically, it is 6~12 seconds in 4G/LTE, LoRa, and 5~13 seconds in APRS. The signal coverage, time delay, data reliability, terrain effect in communication are recorded and analyzed for RUTM operation. Data streaming and Internet manipulation are verified with cloud system stability and reliability. Scenarios of DAA based on UTM software performance are conducted by similar definition of TCAS with time to conflict (TTC) of TA and RA. Simple operation procedures are defined with priority for conflicting UAVs. Mobile communication is introduced and applied to establish controller to pilot voice communication for DAA. The UAV flight tests are generally beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) near suburban areas with flight ranges 2 to 8 km for sophistic missions. In the system verification, the ADS-B Like system will examine their reliability, continuity and availability under flight tests. The pilot test supports RUTM in Taiwan for UAV operations.
英文關鍵字:Hierarchical UTM, ADS-B Like, Relay Gateways, DAA, TTC, TA, RA