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題名:Jeremiah’s Peace and Resistance Discourse in the Geopolitical Relations with the Empires
作者:Hye Kyung Park
發表地點:Chang Jung Christian University
摘要:Jeremiah was faced with the challenge of managing relations with the Empires: Assyria, Egypt, and Babylonia. Jeremiah experienced Josiah’s reform as the internal challenge, and the Assyrian decline and Babylonian ascendency as the external challenge. Jeremiah mentioned peace as a metaphor for criticism of the Israelite elites. He described the impact message of peace in Jeremiah 6 and 8. In addition, geopolitical location of the Southern Kingdom caused Jeremiah to prophesy judgments on the empires and nations (Jeremiah 46-51). His prophecy is a way of presenting resistance against the empires around the Israelites. This paper aims to study the nature and meaning of Jeremiah’s peace and resistance in its context. Furthermore, the study can be applied to current situations where imperial relations have occurred.
英文關鍵字: Jeremiah, Peace, Babylonia, Justice, Resistance