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題名:From Savages to Saints: Representations of George L. Mackay and Hatta Yoichi in Taiwanese Popular Culture
作者:Yoshihisa Amae
會議名稱:East Asian Popular Culture Association's 2020 Conference
發表地點:National Taiwan Normal University
摘要:George Leslie Mackay (1844-1901) and Hatta Yoichi (1886-1942) enjoy the status of national heroes in present day Taiwan, a phenomenon worth looking into as they were initially feared and ostracized by locals. While it was through modern science and service that they eventually earned respect and a place in history, the elevation to national hero status has been due to recent waves of nationalism and popular culture. Mackay was the first Canadian missionary in Northern Taiwan and in three decades established more than sixty churches, educated local church leaders, and offered medical services to those in need. Today, Taipei’s Mackay Memorial Hospital is one of the most respected medical facilities on the island. Hatta, an elite Japanese engineer, was in charge of planning and constructing a massive reservoir and irrigation system in Southern Taiwan that increased the agricultural productivity of the Japanese colony. The reservoir was the largest in Asia at the time of construction in 1930 and was said to have improved the living standard of farmers. Every year, a local irrigation association organizes a commemoration service for Hatta that is attended by visitors from near and far. The legacies of Mackay and Hatta are remembered through numerous cultural productions that include texts, visuals, and memorials.
關鍵字:文化再現, 台灣流行文化, 後殖民, 八田與一, 馬偕, 歷史記憶
英文關鍵字:Cultural representation, popular culture, postcolonial, Hatta Yoichi, George L. Mackay, memory