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題名:結合電子資料庫運用,論訓詁方法的嶄新視野 -以「乖童恨睡遲」之「乖童」訓解為例
會議名稱:2020 長榮大學第七屆「通識教育發展與革新學術研討會」
發表頁數:pp. 49-69
摘要:摘要 傳統語言學概稱「小學」,訓詁學是傳統語言學的一個支系,與文字學、聲韻學鼎足而三。就本質而言,訓詁學即是注釋學,傳統的義詞注釋多憑恃直覺經驗,以日積月累的經驗為基礎,直接領悟詞彙意義。對於歷史學術文化的研究,以古代文獻語言材料之理解、分辨與歸納為基礎,嚴謹確切的掌握語言材料是訓詁之基礎工作。資料的搜羅,「廣博周遍」是必要的條件,古人孜孜矻矻,焚膏油以繼晷, 恆兀兀以窮年,博覽群書,然而受制於人類生命智力之有限,欲旁徵博引,往往掛一漏萬,曠日廢時,成效不彰。今日科技飛速發展,吾人憑藉相關古文獻電子資料庫之建置,運用搜索功能,在瞬間得以蒐羅盡淨,由「大數據」以追蹤趨勢,讓以往之不可能,今日舉手而可得,於是訓詁學走向一個嶄新的時代。 現代漢語中,「乖」字存在「背逆」與「順從」兩種絕然相反的意義,並另有一個「機警」、「靈巧」之義涵。「乖」既是「乖」,也可以是「不乖」。唐朝李廓《上令狐舍人》詩:「宿客嫌吟苦,乖童恨睡遲。」其中「乖童」之訓解,今日學者們見仁見智,莫衷一是,有認為是「乖巧、馴服、機靈、聰明」之義者,亦有不以為然,採信「壞」之義者。本論文嘗試以《全唐詩》及《全唐文》相關電子資料庫為憑藉,由「廣博周遍」之資料與數據呈現,考辨唐朝時「乖」字的語法及字義,不事空談,而是提出明確有力的證據,探究「宿客嫌吟苦,乖童恨睡遲」之「乖童」訓解。拋磚引玉,企盼借重今日之科技,為傳統訓詁方法挹注活潑動力,開啟一個嶄新的視域。 關鍵字:訓詁學、電子資料庫、乖童   A New take on Philology with the use of Digital Database The case of 乖 Melody Chen Professor, General Education Center Chang Jung Christian University Abstract Together with etymology and phonology, philology makes up the field of study named ‘小學’. Phonology involves deciphering the meaning of certain phrases and characters in an article, and heavily relies on the interpreter’s experience and intuition to make the correct translation. One is required to delve deep into the sea of historical documents, compare and discover the nuances of the old Chinese language to become proficient in this particular field of study. With the rapid development of technology and the rise of big data analysis, we can complete the tasks mentioned above with unprecedented efficiency, allowing us to decipher historical documents with further accuracy. In modern Chinese, the character 乖 is associated with both meanings of ‘obedient’ and ‘rebellious’, along with a third connotation of being ‘alert and dexterous’. In a Tang Dynasty poem, the character 乖 is used but the meaning of which is the topic of debate among researchers and historians. The author attempts to utilize digital databases of relevant publications as reference and tackle problems similar to the one mentioned previously. With the power of computers and technology of today, the author wishes to shed light on issues that have long troubled researchers and bring new progress to the field of phonology. Key Words: Phonology, Digital Database,乖童
英文關鍵字: Phonology, Digital Database,乖童