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題名:A Look at Civic Engagement from a Perspective of Heterogeneity Using Foucault’s Notion of Heterotopias
作者:Jing-Li HONG, Hung-Yang SHEN, Yan-Jun GUO
發表地點:webinar (Germany)
摘要:This paper explores the idea of publicness through using Michel Foucault’s concept of heterotopias (hétérotopie). Heterotopias reveal heterogeneities (hétérogeneité) that cannot be reduced and therefore each occupies a single reality. These heterogeneities are capable of occupying a particular location (lieu/place) and are characteristically different from utopias (utopie), which reveal homogeneities. Foucault emphasizes that heterotopia reality rests on some sort of empirical (empirique) experience. In his analysis of madness in history, Foucault stresses what he wrote was an attempt to experience the madness. That is the process of subjectivation requires a place to occur where the body of “patient” undergoes social deportation and correction before analysis. Foucault stresses the empirical analysis of heterotopias in which different experiences appear. Foucault uses the examples of madness, prison and death among others in this analysis. These different experiences vary from the homogenous discourse of representation in utopias, but are part of the societies and cultures in which we live. This means that when we reflect on the nature of publicness and how to define public engagement, we need to consider whether the language we use to think and intervene in public discourse has been reduced. Furthermore, we need to consider whether these heterotopia experiences are hidden or not recognized as existing in society. With this in mind, the question remains as to whether it is possible to think about the public nature of heterogeneity. This paper looks at Foucault’s works in analyzing and considering both utopian and heterotopian experiences as well as explores the effects of translating the heterotopian experience. Finally, it considers whether a creative alternative is possible within the empirical analysis framework that Foucault emphasizes, which can change our experience with public engagement.
英文關鍵字: Heterotopias, Foucault, Publicness, Utopias, Experience