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題名:A Hybrid Power Generation for UAV
作者:C. E. Lin, H. T. Bui , P. C. Shao, T. L. Chua
摘要:The electrically powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has rapidly turned into consumer market in very wide applications. These UAVs, including multi-rotors and fixed wings, are relied on batteries to fly. Battery has its nature of limited energy for endurance. To extend the flight endurance, the hybrid power design introduces additional power on airborne. This paper proposes a hybrid power generation by a brushless generator running on gasoline engine in a dual mode UAV. In the brushless generator design, a low Kv brushless motor is assembled in coaxial shaft to gasoline engine for power generation. System architecture design and fabrication is presented in this paper with characteristic verification. The proposed hybrid system takes the advantages of engine power for thrust (lift), and also sustains LiPo battery for avionics. The proposed hybrid power generation system is tested with little affect to thrust (lift) of the gasoline engine with a preliminary 300W auxiliary power for UAV. The results show the proposed idea is feasible and useful for UAV enhancement.
英文關鍵字:hybrid power system, long endurance, brushless generator, electrical current control.