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題名:Runway Excursions in Indonesia: A Multiple Correspondence Analysis
作者:楊慧華, 陳登祿
摘要:Air transport plays a key role in the global economy and therefore, aviation safety issues are a very important topic to be discussed. Indonesia is one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation markets, however, poor safety has been stuck to the country’s reputation as the incident and accident rate is far higher than the global average. According to aviation statistics, runway excursion (RE) is the most frequent accident category worldwide. In this study, runway excursions shared 43 (38.7%) out of 111 serious incidents and accidents involving commercial flights in Indonesia by the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) published investigation reports between 1999 and 2020, which also the highest type among all occurrences in Indonesia. This study explores the contributing factors of runway excursions involving commercial flights in Indonesia according to the six factors of weather, performance, crew technique and decision, system, air traffic management, and airport. The Multiple Correspondence Analysis was also applied to define the correspondence between the characteristics features of runway excursions and identified a particularly variable combination. This study identified that human and weather factors were the major factors contributing to the runway excursions in Indonesia. The MCA results demonstrate that runway excursions in Indonesia are most involved the short-range aircraft and resulted in substantial damage, the primary causal factor in which highland regions were mainly caused by human factors, while weather factors in the flatland regions. The research results are expected to help in developing the most effective countermeasures and strategies for reducing the risk of runway excursions in Indonesia.
關鍵字:Aviation safety, Runway excursions, National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA)
英文關鍵字:Aviation safety, Runway excursions, National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA)