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題名:The Key Success Factors of Introducing ERP System in Taiwan
作者:Li-Min Chuang, & Yu-Po Lee
會議名稱:The 2022 International Conference on Artificial Life and Robotics (ICAROB2022)
發表頁數:pp. 300-303
摘要:This study examines the key success factors of ERP introduction in Taiwan’s manufacturing industry as a reference for enterprises to reduce the high and unforeseeable financial and time costs of ERP introduction. In the second phase, a questionnaire study was conducted using the Analytic Hierarchy Process to extract the relative weights of the distance between primary and secondary dimensions, and 5 primary dimensions were derived, including “Management/Organization”, “Introduction Process”, “Technical Support”, “Documentation”, and “Personnel”, as well as 15 secondary dimensions.
英文關鍵字:Manufacturing industry, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Likert scale, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)