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題名:STEM for Teacher Education from 2010 to 2020: A Bibliometric Analysis
作者:Hsin-Luen Tsai
會議名稱:IAMSTEM 2021 Conference
摘要:STEM education, one of the transdisciplinary approaches to integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, has become an international trend all over the world. Recently, growing attention has been paid to the benefits of STEM in preservice teacher education from theoretical and practical perspectives. In this bibliometric study, the research publications evaluated with “STEM education” and “teacher education” in Web of Science were performed according to multiple indicators to portray the evolution and development of STEM fields. A total of 78 STEM education publications were examined. The USA is the leading country with more publications and higher citations (45 documents; 57.7%), followed South Korea, Turkey, and Singapore. Germany and Australia are influential countries. Six most influential journals are International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, Journal of Science Education and Technology, International Journal of Science Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Eurasia Journal of Mathematics Science and Technology Education, and Journal of Teacher Education. The core theme is STEM teacher Education because this field is still at its infancy and few studies have been done in STEM teacher education. With the rapid increase in the academic publications on STEM teacher education in 2018, the results demonstrate that importance of STEM education for pre-service teacher education in the world.
英文關鍵字:STEM education, Bibliometrics, Web of Science, Teacher Education