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題名:UAS Medical Delivery in Rural/Mountain Areas under UTM Surveillance
作者:P. C. Shao*, C. E. Lin, K. H. Tsai
會議名稱:2022 The Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference
發表地點:Dulles, VA, USA
摘要:UAV logistics is efficient and prompt by improving its infrastructure and technology. In remote and rural areas, delivery becomes desperate after disaster, especially in mountainous territory. A medical delivery network can be constructed to rely on high mobility UAVs to execute missions. By using different characteristics of UAVs, a hub and spoke concept for UAV logistics network is proposed with preliminary study and test. A hexa-rotor UAV is tested in Alishan for medical delivery by introducing Self-Fly autonomous flight control mechanism under UTM surveillance. Adequate path planning is also studied in mountainous area for terrain avoidance. From the flight log data, the performance of UAV logistic delivery is analyzed to examine its flight safety and possible impact. The autonomous flight control supports UAV delivery in mountainous area. Due to Medicine Regulation, the tests just try to verify the system feasibility and function capability for further developments.
英文關鍵字:UAS medical delivery, autonomous flight control, path planning, UTM surveillance, terrain avoidance.