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題名:UAS Delivery Multi-rotor Autopilot based on Audi-pilot Framework using S-Bus Protocol
作者:A. S. Hou, C. E. Lin*
會議名稱:2022 Integrated Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference
發表地點: Virginia, in the Washington, D.C.
摘要:Autopilot flight control is most important to assist non-professional pilot to operate small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It simplifies flight operation with minor pilot intervention and maintains system control reliability and safety. A UAV flight system is designed and implemented with full autonomous operation via S-BUS and MAVLink protocols. System hardware and firmware is proposed to realize autonomous functions based on the Ardu-pilot Framework on 32-bit system-on-chip (SoC). The SoC communicates to UAV Pixhawk flight controller through S-BUS and MAVLink protocols. Path planning is constructed to direct autonomous flight control by waypoint assignments on flash memory. LiDAR device is added for detect and avoid (DAA) to obstacle and terrain to secure flight. Remote operator commands can be uplink to change flight route or abandon flight in case of emergency. With flight tests, the proposed Self-Fly exhibits excellent characteristics of constraint-free from flight controller board. One-key command for full mission automatically is designed to execute system performance.
英文關鍵字:: Autonomous flight, UAV autopilot, S-Bus, MAVLink, detect and avoid.