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會議名稱:台灣宗教學會 2022 年會 「當世賢者──宗教典範人物」學術研討會
摘要:Rev. Wu Tung-Tsan, born in Pingtung on April 10, 1924, graduated from a public school during Japanese colonialism. After World War II, with his own efforts and talent for language skills, he was employed as administrative staff of the Education Section of the Pingtung City Government and then served as the secretary and acting director of the Social Education Center. Due to the restrictions of the national language policy of the Kuomintang government in the post-war period, the Aboriginal tribes of Taiwan had to use Japanese to communicate. Wu Tung-Tsan, with these two language skills, became the best missionary candidate in his hometown. Inspired by Pastor Xu Youcai in 1951, he resigned from the Government, accepted God's call, and devoted himself to the mission work in the central mountainous area. In the early days of his missionary work, he set Sun Moon Lake Presbyterian Church as the mission base, using boats to travel through various tribal churches in Xinyi Township. Then, he went to Renai Township and Puli, and traveled all over the central mountainous area. The range was expanded from 1 township and 3 villages to 3 townships, from 14 churches to 30, and 1 language to 3. In 1956, Wu Tung-Tsan and Gao Junming, from South District Patrol, moved to serve the tribes in the Southern District and took charge of 11 townships (8 townships in Pingtung County and 3 townships in Kaohsiung County). There are three languages spoken in the area: Bunun, Rukai, and Paiwan. When he preached in Japanese, the elderly translated the Word into the ethnic language while the young people translated it into the national language. In 1964, the Paiwan Presbytery, including the Drekay and East Paiwan District Prebytery, was established. Wu Tung-Tsan was appointed by the Taiwan Presbyterian Christian Mountain Mission Office as an itinerant missionary to enter the tribe for missionary missions. The aboriginal churches that he established cover the five groups of Bunun, Paiwan, Seediq, Tayal, and Rukai tribes. He died peacefully on August 6, 2019, at the age of 96. The farewell service was attended by representatives of the Paiwan Prebystery, the Drekay Prebystery, and the South Bunun Prebystery, to express deep condolences and gratitude.
英文關鍵字:Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, Aboriginal missions, Mountain Missionary, Paiwan Presbytery