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題名:Professional Translation as New Trend of Translation
作者:Sun, Shun-Chih
期刊名稱:International Journal of Linguistics and Communication, ARIPD
發表頁數:pp. 63-73
摘要:Abstract The development of Translation theories can be divided into four periods: 1. The Period of Literature theory of Translation; 2. The Period of Linguistics Theory of Translation; 3. The Period of Culture Theory of Translation; and 4. The Period of Professional Theory of Translation. During the Period of Literature theory of Translation, Translators paid special attention to the art and aesthetics of translation. During the Period of Linguistics theory of Translation, translators paid attention to the transfer of grammar, then to the language meaning, and finally to pragmatic linguistics. During the Period of Culture theory of Translation, translators paid special emphasis on the transfer of cultural messages with debates on authors- centered Domestication Translation strategy and readers-centered Foreignization Translation strategy. And during the Period of Professional theory of Translation, translators paid special attention to the acquirement and application of professional knowledge and ability. The Professional theory of Translation is the current trend for translators. The translators had better have professional knowledge and ability for the translation fields, so as to be competent in translation.
英文關鍵字:Keywords: Professional Translation, Unprofessional Translation, Translation Theories, Linguistic theory, Academic Discipline
Vol:Vol 2
NO:Issue 2