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題名:Applications of rhetorical devices in advertising and marketing in a popular magazine
作者:Hsin Chi KO
期刊名稱:Research on Humanities and Social Sciences
摘要:In modern society, in which particular attention is paid to media marketing, the marketing of popular products through print media is not only an important link in business planning but is also a way of creating a trend for products. Rhetoric is the art of creating aesthetics through the design of words and meanings. Showing the aesthetics of popular products through rhetorical devices has become a trend in print media marketing. The purpose of this study is to explore the scale and the focus of rhetoric and its applications. Thus, in this study, issues of the Chinese version of an international magazine, “with”, were selected from the same month (April, the late Spring edition) in two different years (2014 and 2015) to determine the numbers of different rhetorical devices used to market popular products. Qualitative methodology was adopted to identify the applications of rhetorical devices. It is anticipated that this study will help readers understand the priorities and importance of applications of various rhetorical devices in marketing popular products in the print media.
關鍵字:流行商品,平面媒體, 修辭
英文關鍵字:Popular products, print media, rhetoric