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題名:Perspectives on Lifelong Learning in “A Record of Learning”
作者:Hsin-Chi Ko
期刊名稱:The Anthropologist
摘要:ABSTRACT Education has played an important role in cultural development throughout history. Especially nowadays, in the age of knowledge and economy, knowledge is constantly evolving while the important life issues facing individuals are shifting. Only continuous learning can help a person relish life while also enjoying the fruits of technology and civilization. “A Record of Learning” is an ancient Confucian treatise, as well as the earliest monograph on education among the cultural relics throughout the world. Even now, this treatise is of relevance in imparting wisdom regarding education. Thus, the aim of this study is to explore t he perspectives on lifelong learning in “A Record of Learning”. This study adopts the qualitative resea rch methods of content and concept analysis. The study aims to address the following aspects of the text: theoretical, functional, teachers’ attitudes, linguistic aspects, teaching methods, guiding aspects, learning, teacher–student interactions and what should be avoided. In the thirteen sections in “A Record of Learning”, fifty-eight core concepts were found to inspire lifelong learning. The contributions of this study include reflection, analysis and discussion concerning lifelong education. It is anticipated that this study will be useful to those in the field of lifelong education, especially in the application of the educational concepts found in “A Record of Learning”.
關鍵字:古代文獻, 教育思想, 終身學習
英文關鍵字:Ancient Treatise, Educational Thoughts, Lifelong Education