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題名:An approach to the design of digital classic Chinese article learning system for undergraduate students using “the homecoming” as an example
作者:Hsin Chi Ko
期刊名稱:Multimedia Tools and Applications
摘要:The age of digitalization has come. As a result, learning has developed from the traditional way in a classroom to digital learning through multimedia. The main advantage of digital learning is a convenient learning channel for learners. Therefore, in all fields, there have been trends of digitalization of teaching content. However, the teaching materials of undergraduate Chinese courses have not been digitalized yet. And most undergraduate students find learning classical Chinese content very difficult and boring. Consequently, digitalizing the teaching material content for undergraduate Chinese courses can definitely increase undergraduate students’ interest in learning Chinese and the corresponding benefits. For this reason, this study aims to explore the design method to digitalize the content of “Homecoming” using a qualitative research method. The research results include the design concept of the “Homecoming” digital teaching materials and systematic learning process. It is hoped that this study can present the design concept of digitalization of an undergraduate Chinese course for the first time as a reference.
關鍵字:大學國文課程數位教學, 歸去來兮, 國文
英文關鍵字:Undergraduate Chinese course digitalization, The Homecoming, Chinese course
NO:No. 16