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題名:"長榮大學管樂團全國音樂比賽指導歷程 – 以兩首管樂合奏曲 《Kraftwerk》、《Suite on Celtic Folk Songs》為例"
摘要: The author founded Chang Jung Christian University Symphonic Band (CJCUSB) and has been coaching since 2009. After years of training, this ensemble has received the excellence award in the National Taiwan Student Music Competition in academic years of 2014 and 2015. Due to the low-birth rate, most private universities in Southern Taiwan face a serious challenge in recruiting students, that causes not only the decrease in the number of members but also the reduce of the financial aid from school. Nevertheless, the kind of non-music major students of college club normally encounter common problems such as insufficient funding and equipment, uneven proficiency, frequent absences, and limited practice time. Therefore, an efficient pedagogical rehearsal is an essential technique for student ensemble coaching. The research investigates the participation process and ensemble pedagogy specifically during the preparation for the National Taiwan Students’ Music Competition as well as the influence of music education for adults. This paper is structured from a conductor’s perspectives on following issues : 1. Introduction:the founding and development of CJCUSB; 2. The characters of ensemble members; 3. Literature review : the selection of repertoire for music competition and a discussion of band grade levels; 4. The interpretation and rehearsal of optional pieces Suite on Celtic Folk Songs and Kraftwerk for ensemble teaching and rehearsing strategy; 5. Conclusion and students’ comments.
英文關鍵字:conducting、rehearsal、music competition