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題名:Failure Analysis for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Safe Path Planning
作者:Chin E. Lin and P. C. Shao
期刊名稱:Journal of Aerospace Information Systems
摘要:Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are sufficiently mature to operate in manned airspace. Failure analysis with a risk assessment is critical to aviation safety. Performance criteria are analyzed to determine how UAVs can be operated more safely. Any failures can cause casualties. This study assesses the crash probability density (CPD) using Newton’s laws of Motion and Galileo’s Fall. Different UAVs that use Horizontal and Vertical Take-off and Landing (HTOL/VTOL) are studied, with different classes of wing, weight, velocity and altitude, to simulate from failure due to a crash. Different failure scenarios are simulated using METALAB SIMULINK. Dynamic characteristics with disturbance are used to determine the probable coverage of impact on the ground. The results are used to construct a new type of path planning for a UAV, which uses the CPD radius to avoid highly populated areas. A risk assessment uses the expected level of safety (ELS) for the frontal impact area of UAVs. Using CPD path planning, the results show that the Fatality Rate and the Expected Level of Safety for a UAV correspond to a risk level of 10-8 events/flight hour. This allows safer UAV flight planning.
英文關鍵字:UAV Failure Mode, Crash Probability Density, Risk Assessment, Expected Level of Safety, CPD path planning.