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題名:Design and Systematic Verification of Laser-like Lighting System Based on White-light LED Optical Module
作者:Yung-Lan Yeh, Hui-Pei Chang
期刊名稱:Journal of Instrumentation
摘要:Laser had been the main light source at most visualization experiments because of its high-power density. By means of cylindrical lens, the laser beam will become light plane. It makes the qualitative analysis of fluid field becomes possible to be visualized. However, laser has high price and limited lifetime. The laser head is also easy to be affected by external pollution because of its construction. The low cost and high-power white-light LED illuminator was adopted in this research to be the alternative light source. Constructing with active cooling system and optical calibration device, this system could be the future light source for any visualization experiment. To date research progress, the installed LED module can operate for a long time and own long lifetime. It also be easily adjusted and modified. Present white-light LED module indeed has high potential to be another choice of lighting system for smoke flow visualization experiment.
英文關鍵字: laser, LED, flow visualization