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題名:A Study of Stay Motivation, Service Quality, and Satisfaction of B&B Tourists ─ A Case Study of Kenting in Taiwan
作者:Liu, Chun-Chu /Kao, Jen-Shou
期刊名稱:WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics, (Econlit)
發表頁數:pp. 171-179
摘要:本研究採用問卷調查的方法探討是否存在差異 住宿動機,服務質量,遊客對墾丁民宿的滿意度, 台灣,並探討住宿動機,服務質量和服務滿意度之間的影響關係 B&B遊客。 研究結果發現:B&B遊客主要是女性,年齡介於 21至40歲,單身,自營職業和服務業排名最高,遊客主要來自 台灣北部,消費者願意為B&B支付的價格範圍是 NT $ 1001至NT $ 2000。 清楚地顯示了墾丁參觀和住宿的旅遊特色,因此 我們建議為此類人群提供合適的住宿計劃或套餐詳情,以滿足 遊客。 Abstract: - Questionnaire investigation method was used in this study to explore if there was any difference among accommodation motivation, service quality, satisfaction of tourists for Bed and Breakfast at Kenting, Taiwan, and to explore the affecting relationship among Stay Motivation, service quality, and satisfaction of B&B tourists. The research results found that: B&B tourists were mainly female, the youth between the ages of 21 to 40, single, self-employment sector and service industry appeared the highest, tourist mainly came from the northern Taiwan, and the range of the price that consumers are willing to pay for the B&B was from NT$1001 to NT$2000. The tourist characteristics of visiting and lodging at Kenting was clearly shown so that we suggested to offer the suitable lodging plan or package detail to such population to meet the requirement of tourists.
英文關鍵字:Key-Words: - Bed And Breakfasts, Lodging Motivation, Service Quality, Kenting
Vol: Volume 15, 2018, Art. #17,
NO: Volume 15, 2018, Art. #17,
ISSN:E-ISSN: 1109-9526 /